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"Årsboken", by Sven Olov Karlsson.

I set in motion the translation of the short story collection Årsboken, written by the Swedish author Sven Olov Karlsson (Natur och Kultur, 2020).

The collection includes 12 short stories, each related to a month of the year, in which the author describes snapshots of the lives of various characters in the contemporary Sweden.

Sven Olov Karlsson, born in 1971, has published eight books and is considered as one of Sweden's most talented contemporary author. He grew up in the countryside in Västmanlands region and worked as a metal worker, assistant nurse, farmer and journalist before becoming a writer.

His novels, short stories and reportage are often about the modern Swedish countryside and its marginalized inhabitants.

Prizes and nominations in selection: nominated for the August Prize for the best fiction book of the year 2013, nominated for the August Prize for the best non-fiction book of the year 2017, Ivar-Lo Prize 2018, De Nios Winter Prize 2020, Tidningen Vi's literature prize 2021.

I am now looking for a French publisher which would be interested in introducing Karlsson's literary work to French readers.

Sven Olov Karlsson is represented by the literature agency Gudrun Hebel (Berlin).

You can read a brief synopsis of the story (in French) and even read more about Sven Olov Karlsson here.

The Swedish Institute in Paris presents also Årsboken on its website.



Sven Olov Karlsson

Stockholm, 2020 (above)

Järna, 2023 (below)

All the portraits of Sven Olov Karlsson are available at the Opale Agency.


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