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Gröna Lund /4.

Thank you everyone who came to the release of my photo book Gröna Lund

at the Stockholms Fotoantikvariat !

You can still see a series of photographs from the book at Stockholms Fotoantikvariat.

Stockholms Fotoantikvariat, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 31, Södermalm, Stockholm


The photo book Gröna Lund is now available at the Online Shop!

An artist's edition of fifteen autographed copies is presented in a slipcase with one numbered and signed colour print. The print is made on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta (size: 218 x 109 mm) and the slipcase is manufactured by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik (Stockholm).

Delivery in 2 to 6 working days worldwide


Gröna Lund is also available at the following places...

Stockholms Fotoantikvariat

Torkel Knutssonsgatan 31, Stockholm


Konst/ig Books

Åsögatan 124, Stockholm


La Nouvelle Chambre Claire

3 Rue d'Arras, Paris, France


About the book


The photographs are captured with a pinhole panoramic camera (frame 24×56 mm), on 35mm colour film.

The camera is handmade by LeRouge.


Technical data

Format: 233 x 130 mm, 96 pages, 63 panoramic colour photographs

Paper: Munken lynx 170g (insert), Munken lynx 400g (cover)

Open spine binding

ISBN 978-91-527-3047-8

Weight: 275 g

First edition 300 copies, ©2022 Laurent Denimal (photo and text)


Read more about the book on a dedicated page on my website


You can also follow the project on Instagram where I will publish the most recent news


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