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Gröna Lund /1.

The photo book Gröna Lund is coming out soon !

It's now my eighth book, and the third presenting my work as a gardener, this time in a new, specific environment - an amusement park. The previous books on the same theme are Millesgården and Djurgården.

The pictures I present here represent what I believe is a completely new way of looking at Gröna Lund. Perhaps it's something like the way visitors feel at the end of a day spent in the park, their senses spinning after so many strong impressions, and perhaps a little dizzy from going on the roller-coasters; tired and happy, and taking home with them a heady mix of memories, sights, sounds and colours.

The foreword is in French and English (translation Graham Bowers).


Front cover / back cover


Five pages of the book


From the Foreword...

The amazing lines, contours and silhouettes of Gröna Lund are surprisingly well-suited to being captured by pinhole camera – the amusement park is a huge assemblage of infrastructure, with the myriad overlapping and criss-crossing angles of the various buildings and wooden and metal structures, the seemingly endless ingenious confluences and crossings of beams, tracery and buttresses. (...)


About the book

"Laurent Denimal's work is rooted in documentary photography, depictions of the workplace, but what he achieves is a strong artistic expression that can be read and experienced independently of the specific location, as an independent work in its own right.

(...) The optical unconscious that Walter Benjamin talks about: the power of photography to evoke and make visible when the image is given time to be interpreted. The viewer's curiosity is aroused."

Iréne Berggren

Photo historian and curator


The photographs are captured with a pinhole panoramic camera (frame 24×56 mm), on 35mm colour film.

The camera is handmade by


Technical data

Format: 233 x 130 mm, 96 pages, 63 panoramic colour photographs

Paper: Munken lynx 170g (insert), Munken lynx 400g (cover)

Open spine binding

Text in english: Graham Bowers

ISBN 978-91-527-3047-8

Weight: 275 g

First edition 300 copies, ©2022 Laurent Denimal (photo and text)



Financial support from the King Gustaf VI Adolf's fund for Swedish Culture and from the Swedish author fund has made publication of this book possible.


The book is presented on a dedicated page on my website


You can also follow the project on Instagram where I will publish the most recent news


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