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Höganäs Summer Book Festival 2021.

I participated during two days (17-18 September) at the Book Festival which took place in Höganäs (south of Sweden) in the new restored event and exhibition hall Blå Hallen.

I could present the six photo books I published and also exhibit a few portraits of writers. Thanks to the Höganäs Book Festival team for giving me the opportunity to take part of the festival !


And I also could meet and photograph ten writers on behalf of the Opale agency (left to right, clockwise); Kjell Westö (Finland), Andrzej Tichy (Sweden), Asta Fanney Sigurđardóttir (Iceland), Julia Ravanis (Sweden), Conny Palmkvist (Sweden), Anna-Karin Palm (Sweden), Andri Snær Magnason (Iceland), Marie Lundström (Sweden), Einar Kárason (Iceland), Gunnar Bolin (Sweden).

All the photographs for theses writers are available now at the Opale agency in Paris.


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