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Millesgården, in the sculptor's park.

In 2008, I released my first photo book, Millesgården, in the sculptor's park.

The photo book Millesgården, in the sculptor’s park, takes you for a walk through the sculpture park in the grounds of the house formerly belonging to Swedish sculptor Carl Milles (1875-1955), located on the island of Lidingö, outside Stockholm.

As you walk around the gardens with their terraces, steps and fountains you will encounter not only statues, but gardeners, tourists, flowers, bushes and trees, all of which reflect the constantly changing rhythm of the seasons.

During the three years I was employed at Millesgården as a gardener, I carried with me a Vredeborch Felica camera (medium-format 6X6), and documented the everyday life in the park.


Twelve photographs from the book


From the foreword, by Agneta Pleijel

"A park, a garden, some sculptures, a borderland between nature and culture. Stone moulders, eaten away by vegetation and biology in the shape of spores. Here, time rocks us. What is time, if not an exercise in the art of a change that is so slow that man’s life is too short for it?

Nothing keeps still. Water dissolves and creates new forms.

The leaves of the ivy stroke gently the pierced feet of the Crucified. The spade rests for a moment in the hand of the gardener. Snow becomes light which becomes shadows. In real life, we often feel cold, but a strange calm reigns in this park. I love and admire Laurent Denimal’s photographs, they are peaceful and yet able to carry you away.

To see a flower blooming by the side of a stone is a miracle. Is it not old Poseidon, who has laid his head aside in order to ponder on life for a while? The notes played by the angel on his flute of stone ring out between some frosty twigs. An army of winged beings conquers the town, in the distance, with its music of stone that resounds with silence. (....)"


The foreword is written by the Swedish author Agneta Pleijel and the presentation by Laurent Denimal (texts in Swedish, French and English).

It is designed by Johannes Molin and edited by Carlsson Bokförlag in Stockholm.

Stefan Nilson (Nerikes Allehanda) wrote an article about the book.


An artist's edition containing twenty autographed copies of the book is presented in a black slipcase with one numbered and signed original print (silver gelatine and C-print), with a size of 18 x 18 cm. There are four different motiv.


You vill find copies of

Millesgården, in the sculptor's park

at the shop !

Delivery in 2 to 6 working days worldwide

Price: 170:- sek / 15 €


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