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The "Ivar Lo-priset" goes to Andrzej Tichý.

Congratulation to the Swedish-Czech-Polish writer Andrzej Tichý who received the Swedish literary prize Ivar Lo-priset.

The Ivar Lo-priset is a literary prize which is awarded by the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Landsorganisationen i Sverige, LO).

It was established as a tribute to Ivar Lo-Johansson on his 85th birthday, February 23, 1986. Until his death in 1990, Ivar Lo-Johansson was part of the scholarship fund, which annually appoints a significant working-class author.

All the portraits of Andrzej Tichý are available at the Opale Agency.

You can also see the complete collection of author portrait here.



Höganäs, 2021


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