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The "Prix de la poésie Max Jacob 2022" goes to Jila Mossaed.

Jila Mossaed, Iranian-born Swedish writer and member of the Swedish Academy, received the French literary Prix de la poésie Max Jacob for her poetry collection Le huitième pays (Éditions Le Castor Astral, 2022), in a translation of Françoise Sule, and a foreword by the Lebanese poet Vénus Khoury-Ghata.

Jila Mossaed is represented in the book "Portraits d'Auteurs / Author Portraits" (Carlssons, 2020).

All the portraits of Jila Mossaed are available at the Opale Agency.

You can also see the complete collection of author portrait here.


Jila Mossaed, Göteborg 2005


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