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Ytterjärna : the Garden Park.

The artist Arne Klingborg (1915-2005) called the park in Ytterjärna « a garden park in Sörmland ». A garden meets a park that meets a landscape right here, just outside Järna (28 milles south of Stockholm) in the Sörmanland region.

The garden park was developed from the typical Sörmland cultivated landscape and under Arne Klingborg's leadership acquired a kind of anthroposophical design language that became unique among gardens and parks in Sweden. A creative and social garden movement gained momentum, and has been a source of inspiration for the ecological movement we have today.

The garden park consists of about fifty different formations and motifs. The large rose garden and the biological purification ponds are the most prominent motifs, but there are also more subtle motifs such as "The Clearing", "The Nightingale's Garden" and "the Liljefors Birch Grove". There are also a number of perennial flower beds with different colour themes; the Yellow, Blue and Red flower beds and the White Garden. Below the White House is a terraced flower-bed called the Monet flower bed, a plantation in blue with hints of orange and pink like a painting of a sunset by the Impressionist artist.

We are today four gardeners taking care of Trädgårdsparken, as the garden park is called in Swedish, and our tasks are: care and maintenance of land surfaces, grass and hedge cutting, weeding, pruning of trees and shrubs, spring and autumn cleaning, maintenance of perennials and the two rose-gardens, planting and care of annuals, watering flower beds, and maintenance of the ponds and water stairs.

You can follow the daily life in the park on our Instagram account!

I also regularly take photographs in the park, and they are part of a long-term project. You can see a few of them below and follow the link for some more pictures.

And in addition to the park, there is plenty for both the soul and the senses with a large selection of cultural events at the "Kulturhuset" cultural centre.

Ytterjärna Hotell and the restaurant and café KulturMat complement the activities of Kulturhuset.

You can follow them on Instagram!


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