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Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund

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While working as a gardener at Stockholm's Gröna Lund tivoli, I carried a wooden pinhole panorama camera loaded with 35-mm film around with me. 

The pictures I present here represent what I believe is a completely new way of looking at Gröna Lund. Perhaps it's something like the way visitors feel at the end of a day spent in the park, their senses spinning after so many strong impressions, and perhaps a little dizzy from going on the roller-coasters; tired and happy, and taking home with them a heady mix of memories, sights, sounds and colours.


The artist's edition of fifteen autographed copies is presented in a slipcase with one numbered and signed colour print. The print is made on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta (size: 218 x 109 mm), the slipcase is handmade by Norrmalms Kartongfabrik.



  • Info

    Format: 233 x 130 mm, 96 pages, 63 color photographs

    4/4 printing 

    Paper: Munken lynx 170g (insert), Munken lynx 400g (cover), open spine binding

    ISBN 978-91-527-3047-8 

    Book design : Laurent Denimal

    Publisher : LDP Edition (Stockholm)

    Weight:  275 g 

    First edition 300 copies, ©2022 Laurent Denimal (photo and text).

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    Normal delivery times:Sweden: 2-4 working days
    Europe and World: 2-6 working days

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