Djurgården, i Kungens park

Djurgården is today the world's first national city park, the former royal deer park in Stockholm. It forms a green oasis just across the water from the city centre. Employed a season by the park management as a gardener, I spent my days working on Djurgården with a Polaroid camera beside me.

Polaroid photography provides unique, small-format images without a negative, limited to a single original photograph. The book "In the King's Park" present a selection of motif, caught in an instant. 

The book contains a foreword by the Swedish writer Per Wästberg (member of the Swedish Academy) and a presentation by Laurent Denimal (texts in Swedish, French, English and German).

It is designed by Johannes Molin and edited by Carlsson Bokförlag in Stockholm.

Financial support from Stiftelsen Konung Gustaf VI Adolfs fond för svensk kultur has made publication of this book possible.

Technical data


Format: 135x214 mm, 80 pages, 37 scanned photographs from original Polaroid 600

Four-colour printing

Paper: insert – MultiArt Silk 150 g; jacket – cover material Brillianta

ISBN 9789173316439

Weight: 270 g

First edition 500 copies, ©2014

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