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Millesgården, in the sculptor's park

The photo book ”In the sculptor’s park, Millesgården” takes you for a walk through the sculpture park in the grounds of the house formerly belonging to Swedish sculptor Carl Milles (1875-1955), located on the island of Lidingö, outside Stockholm.

As you walk around the gardens with their terraces, steps and fountains you will encounter not only statues, but gardeners, tourists, flowers, bushes and trees, all of which reflect the constantly changing rhythm of the seasons. During the three years I was employed at Millesgården as a gardener, I carried with me a medium-format camera (Vredeborch Felica), and documented the everyday life in the park.

The book contains a foreword by the Swedish writer Agneta Pleijel and a presentation by Laurent Denimal (texts in Swedish, French and English). It is designed by Johannes Molin and edited by Carlsson Bokförlag in Stockholm.

You can read an article about the book written by Stefan Nilson (Nerikes Allehanda).

The Swedish magazine Balder published Agneta Pleijels foreword and a few photographs in the issue 4/2008.


The artist's edition contains twenty autographed copies of the book presented in a black slipcase with one numbered and signed original print (silver gelatine and C-print), with a size of 18 x 18 cm. There are four different motiv.


Angel Musician

Jonah and the Whale

Skating Queen


Technical data


Sewed book with a flap jacket.

Format: 195 x 195 mm, 96 pages, 68 scanned photographs from colour and black-and-white negatives (6 x 6 cm).

Four-colour printing.

Paper: insert – Munken Pure 150 g; jacket – Munken Pure 300 g. Matt laminated jacket.

ISBN 9789173311427

Weight 320 g

First edition 2 000 copies, ©2008. 

An artist's edition of twenty autographed copies is presented in a slipcase with one numbered and signed original print.

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