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This book gathers a whole collection of black and white pictures, allowing you to discover the little town of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, in Picardy in northern France. The town is set on the south side of the estuary the river Somme.

I’ve spent many hours strolling around without any real purpose other than exploring the whole village, out of interest and for fun, losing myself in geographical and photographical observation. No streets, no nooks or crannies, remained unexplored. Each time these wanderings enabled me to bring back home more pictures.

The book contains a foreword by Laurent Denimal and a presentation by Eléonore Lelong (texts in French and English). It is designed by Johannes Molin in Stockholm.

Financial support from Au Vélocipède and La Femme d'à côté (Saint-Valery-sur-Somme) has made publication of this book possible.

Julien Levasseur interviewed me for the newspaper L'Eclaireur (French).

Technical data


Format: 135x215 mm, 96 pages, 42 scanned photographs from black-and-white negatives 

2/2 printing

Paper: insert - Multiart Silk 150 g; cover - Munken print Cream 300 g, embossing; jacket - Geltex 124LS 115 g

ISBN 9789163796319

Weight: 240 g

First edition 200 copies, ©2015

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