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Literary translation from Swedish into French

I started working as a translator of Swedish literature into French in early 2018, and am employed to translate one book a year.

I have completed the translation of two books by Mårten Sandén (an illustrated children's book, and a young-adult novel), and of Jan Henrik Swahn's latest novel, Nekob

I have even now completed this spring 2021 the translation of The Murderer's Mother ("Mördarens mamma") by Ida Linde.

I started to translate this autumn the novel Ariel, tjugofyra/sju written by Håkan Lindquist. I also present two short stories collection; Årsboken by Sven Olov Karlsson and Råttan i huvudet och andra historier by Jan Henrik Swahn.

Only Håkan Lindquist has previously been published in French, and these books are among the portfolio of works chosen by the Swedish Cultural Centre in Paris for presentation to French publishers.

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