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Swedish Country Churches : Kyrkobladet

In the new issue of Kyrkobladet (2 / 2022) you vill find an article about the book Svenska landsbygdskyrkor, Eglises de campagne suédoises, and written by journalist and designer Linnéa Malmborg.

Kyrkobladet is a quarterly publication of the Parish of Järna and Vårdinge, outside Stockholm.

You can read the article by visiting Kyrkobladet, page 10-11.


The book present 30 churches from two regions of Sweden, Västergötland and Värmland, with the aim of spotlighting their beauty and originality. One fascinating thing they have in common is that they have hand-painted interiors, dating from different periods of history.

The foreword and the texts for each church are written by Philippe Bouquet, former professor of Scandinavian languages at the University of Caen (France), and are in Swedish, French and English.



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