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"Tulpaner" by Agnes Gerner

Jag lyfter in morgonen

innanför nattlinnet,

en valp eller ett människobarn,

någon att trösta

och frihetsberöva,

ett sömnigt

hulkande djur

Swedish poet Agnes Gerner has published a new collection of poems entitled "Tulpaner" (Albert Bonniers Förlag, 2024).

It is a collection of poems about life and survival, about motherhood and motherlessness, about a birth that emphasises a loss.

The book cover is illustrated with a pastel painting by Åsa Magnusson.


Björn Kohlström (teacher of Swedish and English literature at Per Brahegymnasiet in Jönköping) has recently published on his blog Bernur a review of Agnes' collection of poems.


Agnes Gerner, 2017


"Tulpaner" is Agnes Gerner third collection of poems to be published, after "Skall"  (Albert Bonniers Förlag, April 2017) and "Sus" (Albert Bonniers Förlag, July 2017).


You will find all the portraits of the author at the Opale Agency


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