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Recently published 2023 : 10 writers.

New books of the ten following writers has been recently published in French and Swedish; Lídia Jorge, Jonas Hassen Khemiri, Mohsin Hamid, Rachid Benzine, Jan Henrik Swahn, Agneta Pleijel, Jaume Cabré, Johan Theorin, Guillaume Lefebvre and Alex Ahndoril.

You will find all the portraits of these writers at the Opale Agency

You can even see the complete collection of writers portrait here.


Lídia Jorge *



Jonas Hassen Khemiri



Mohsin Hamid

Le dernier homme blanc


Rachid Benzine

Les silences des pères


Jan Henrik Swahn *



Agneta Pleijel *

Sniglar och snö


Jaume Cabré

Consumés par le feu


Johan Theorin



Guillaume Lefebvre

Piège mortel en haute mer

Aubane Editions


Alex Ahndoril

Jag kommer att hitta nyckeln


The writers name with an * are represented in the book "Portraits d'Auteurs / Author Portraits", Carlssons 2021.


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