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Wadi Musa.

The city of Wadi Musa is located in southern Jordan, and is the nearest town to the archaeological site of Petra.

I traveled in Jordan for exactly 18 years ago, and was in Wadi Musa a few days between 11th and 14th of February, 2003. The six photographs presented bellow were taken Friday, 14th of February, 2003.

I had a short talk with the guy on the second photograph.

In my travel diary, I wrote:

”Friday, 14th of February, 2003 - Wadi Musa

He is watching me walking down the street and taking pictures. He comes out of his shop.

"What a nice camera! I had one of those once, too. But I threw it away, I couldn’t find any medium format rolls!"

He laughs. I look at him. He can see that my camera is a medium format. That's very unusual – and on top of that, he had one once but threw it away.

I ask him quickly: "How are you?"

"I'm fine, thank you," he answers. "Would you like some tea?"

"Sure!" I say, happy to be making contact.

The food shop he keeps is very small. Behind the counter there'sa little gas hotplate with a kettle on it.

"Takes an hour to boil the water", he says with a laugh.

He mixes together some honey and condensed milk in a jar, spreads it on bread, then hands me a piece.

"I pray a lot", he says. "I stay here all day long, listen to the koran on tape, and read it as well. Before, I worked as a guide, down here, in Petra. But it’s finished now. I want to be a good muslim."

My impression is that he's happy. He wears a white djellaba, and his beard is neat. He laughs and smiles a lot.

I ask him"Do you think there's going to be a war in Iraq?"

"Yes, I'm sure there is! It’s going to be a nightmare for the USA!"

I take a picture of him in front of his shop."

The Iraq War began officially on 20th March, 2003 with the invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition that overthrew the government of Saddam Hussein.

I sometimes wonder: where is this man now..?



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