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Pavlovka Pinhole Fest 2023.

The Pavlovka pinhole fest is organized annually by the Pavlovka Art Gallery located in Kiev, Ukraine, since 2017.

This is an international festival dedicated to pinhole photography with authors from almost all corners of the world.

I will be part of the Pavlovka pinhole fest exhibition this summer, together with 60 others photographers.


I will show three colors photographs from the photo book Gröna Lund.

Format: 233x130 mm, 96 pages, 63 scanned photographs from colour negatives

4/4 printing

Paper: Munken lynx 170g (insert), Munken lynx 400g (cover), open spine binding

ISBN 9789152730478


All the photographs are captured with a pinhole panoramic camera (frame 24×56 mm), on 35mm colour film.

The amazing lines, contours and silhouettes of Gröna Lund are surprisingly well-suited to being captured by pinhole camera – the amusement park is a huge assemblage of infrastructure, with the myriad overlapping and criss-crossing angles of the various buildings and wooden and metal structures, the seemingly endless ingenious confluences and crossings of beams, tracery and buttresses.

The camera is handmade by Le Rouge, Alternative Photography.


The opening of the exhibition is on

Friday 21th July, 18:00

Hetman museum

Spasska str. 16 b - 04070 Kiev, Ukraine

Welcome !


Read more about the previous exhibition on the Blog of the


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Pavlovka Art Gallery on Instagram


The photo book Gröna Lund is available at the Online Shop!


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