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  • Laurent Denimal

Writers in Paris.

During a three-day journey in Paris, I could meet the five following writers; Philippe Claudel, David Hury, Frasse Mikardsson, Philippe Sénac and Hyam Yared.

Thanks to them for taking the time to meet me !

More portraits for each author are available at the Agence Opale (Paris).

See also the Complete collection of portraits.

The writers name with an * are represented in the book "Portraits d'Auteurs / Author Portraits", Carlssons 2021.

The titel of the book is the last published (in French).

Philippe Claudel *

Fantaisie allemande (Stock, 2020)

David Hury

Mustapha s'en va-t-en guerre (Riveneuve, 2021)

Frasse Mikardsson

Autopsie pastorale (L'Aube noire, 2021)

Philippe Sénac

1064, Barbastro (Gallimard, NRF essais, 2018 - with Carlos Laliena Corbera)

Hyam Yared * (Editions des Equateurs, 2021)

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