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An interview : Hyam Yared.

The Swedish magazine Balder is publishing in its new issue (4/2021) an interview with the Lebanese writer Hyam Yared made in Paris by Åsa Magnusson, and also a chapter of her last book "Implosions" (Editions des Équateurs, 2021, Paris) translated in Swedish.

Balder is a quarterly cultural magazine with focus on art, literature, society, agriculture, philosophy and pedagogy.

You can find it on the following bookstores and retailers in Sweden or on Balder website.

Read the complete article in Balder !


Read the article in Balder !


Hyam Yared in conversation with Åsa Magnusson, Paris 2021


Hyam Yared, Paris 2021

More portrait of the author are available at the Agence Opale

Hyam Yared is represented in the photo book "Portraits d’auteurs / Author portraits" (Carlssons, 2020)


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