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To photograph writers.

The Swedish literary magazine Karavan is publishing in its new issue (1/2021) an article I wrote about my experience as a photographer meeting and taking pictures of writers. Read the complete article in Karavan !

Karavan is a quarterly magazine with focus on literature from Africa, Asia and Latin America. You can find it on all the good newsagent's shop in Sweden or at the Karavan webshop.

The photo book "Portraits d’auteurs / Author portraits" came out in 2020 (Carlsson Editor), and contains 78 black-and-white portraits of writers from 28 different countries.

You can order a copy of the book at my webshop.

Thanks to Birgitta Wallin (editor) and Kerstin Zetterqvist for the translation of my text into Swedish.


Read all the article in Karavan !


Edouard Al Kharrat

Nathacha Appanah

Mansour El Souwaim

Hoda Barakat

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