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Alexandre Najjar.

A photograph of the Lebanese writer Alexandre Najjar published in the daily French newspaper Le Figaro (October13, 2021), to illustrate an article written by French journalist Mohammed Aissaoui on the occasion of the release of his last novel "Le Syndrome de Beyrouth" (Plon, 2021).

The photograph was taken in Järna (Sweden) in 2018 during a short visit of Alexandre to the students of the Örjan School and their teacher Åsa Magnusson. Thanks also to Françoise Sule for organizing the visit.

Alexandre Najjar is the chief editor of the monthly literary Lebanese newspaper L'orient Littéraire.

All the portraits of Alexandre Najjar are available at the Opale Agency, and a portrait of the author is presented in the photo book "Portraits d'Auteurs / Author Portraits" (Carlssons 2020).

You can see the complete collection of portraits at


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